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Flora Analysis of Seed Plants in Zoige Region (Sichuan District)

This study aims to analyze the characteristics of the seed plant flora in the Zoige region (Sichuan district), based on survey data from Hongyuan, Zoige, Aba, and Songpan counties from 2019 to 2022, combined with literature review, to statistically analyze the current status of the seed plant flora in the Zoige region.

The research results show that there are a total of 1,173 wild seed plant species in the Zoige region, belonging to 74 families and 367 genera, with herbaceous ......
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Threat Assessment of Future Climate Change to China's Seed Plants
This document is a research paper on the assessment of the threat levels to China's seed plants under future climate change scenarios, with the following core content:
  • Research Background: Future climate change is one of the significant threats facing global biodiversity and poses challenges to the stability of ecosystems. There is a global consensus on prioritizing the conservation of threatened species......
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