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Flora Analysis of Seed Plants in Zoige Region (Sichuan District)
Category: Seed Plants , Posted on: 2024/3/29 10:37:48

This study aims to analyze the characteristics of the seed plant flora in the Zoige region (Sichuan district), based on survey data from Hongyuan, Zoige, Aba, and Songpan counties from 2019 to 2022, combined with literature review, to statistically analyze the current status of the seed plant flora in the Zoige region.

The research results show that there are a total of 1,173 wild seed plant species in the Zoige region, belonging to 74 families and 367 genera, with herbaceous plants accounting for 77.41%. Six families, including Compositae, Scrophulariaceae, and Cyperaceae, contain more than 51 species of plants, while five genera, including Pedicularis, Salix, and Gerbera, contain more than 21 species of plants. In terms of family composition, small and medium-sized families account for 58.11% of the total number of families; in terms of genus composition, single-species genera account for 49.05% of the total number of genera. From the floristic composition of families, it can be divided into six distribution types and three variants, with temperate distribution families being the most, accounting for 39.19%; in terms of the floristic composition of genera, temperate elements account for 73.84% of the total genera, which is a typical temperate nature. In addition, there are a total of 48 rare and endangered wild plant species in this area, accounting for 4.09% of the total number of species, showing the ancient and endangered species richness of the region.

The study also points out the complexity and diversity of the seed plant flora in the Zoige region, as well as its richness in geographical components, which are closely related to the special geographical location and climatic conditions of the area. The results provide a scientific basis for the protection and management of plant resources in the Zoige region and support the creation of the Zoige National Park.

Keywords: Upper reaches of the Yellow River; Zoige region; Seed plant; Flora; Geographical composition

The study was conducted by the Sichuan Academy of Forestry, Sichuan Key Laboratory of Ecological Restoration and Conservation for Forest and Wetland, and was supported by the preliminary project of the Zoige National Park and the project of vegetation restoration and rodent pest control in sandy land in the Zoige region.

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