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Discussion on the plant ex situ conservation
Category: Research Articles, Posted on: 2024/3/27 13:43:33

This document is an academic discussion on the issue of plant ex situ conservation, authored by Chen Jin and Yang Xi, published in the 2024 Volume 32, Issue 2 of the "Biodiversity Science" journal. The core content of the article includes the following aspects:

1. **Importance of Plant Ex Situ Conservation**: The article points out that plant ex situ conservation is a core task in the ongoing construction of China's national botanical garden system and plays a significant role in protecting plant diversity.

2. **Historical Review**: The article reviews the development history of plant ex situ conservation, mentioning the work of Soviet botanist Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov in the 1920s-1940s on the collection and preservation of plant genetic resources, as well as the gradual recognition of the concept of botanical garden ex situ conservation internationally.

3. **Current Situation Analysis**: Through literature research, the article analyzes the current state of plant ex situ conservation both domestically and internationally, including the number of plant species collected and preserved by global botanical gardens, the protection situation of threatened plants, as well as the achievements and shortcomings of Chinese botanical gardens in species conservation.

4. **Goal Setting**: Combining the "Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework" and the upcoming "Complementary Actions Related to Plant Conservation to Support the Implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework," the article proposes the goal of plant ex situ conservation in China, which is to effectively conserve all threatened plant species ex situ, including the protection of their genetic diversity and representativeness.

5. **Problem Discussion**: The article discusses the status and role of ex situ conservation in biodiversity conservation, botanical garden plant ex situ conservation goals, and how to carry out scientific and effective ex situ conservation, clarifying some common misconceptions.

6. **Strategies and Recommendations**: The article proposes strategies and recommendations to strengthen plant ex situ conservation, including improving the quality of ex situ conservation practices, enhancing protection technology levels, and strengthening top-level design and responsibility division.

7. **Conclusion**: The article emphasizes that the establishment of China's national botanical garden system provides an opportunity to strengthen plant ex situ conservation, and by improving the quality of ex situ conservation, China can elevate its position in global plant conservation.

The article concludes with thanks to researchers who provided materials and includes a list of references. Overall, this article provides a comprehensive analysis and in-depth discussion of the current situation, issues, and future development of plant ex situ conservation.

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